Donald Trump mocked the performance of US President Joe Biden after their debate on CNN, saying that he is “a bunch of shit,” in a video posted on his Truth Social account.

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Biden “just dropped out of the race, I pulled him out,” Trump is heard saying, before attacking Vice President Kamala Harris: “That means we now have Kamala, I think she will be a better (opponent). She is fucking bad and pathetic,” he continues.

Riding a golf cart, the former US president (2017-2021) continues with derogatory comments towards his Democratic opponent casting doubt on his ability to discuss matters with the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, or China’s Xi Jinping.

“Can you imagine that man dealing with Putin and the president of China, “He’s a fierce, tough man?” Trump asks, while receiving compliments from people who do not appear in the video.

Joe Biden’s campaign responds to Donald Trump

The campaign of Biden issued a response to Trump’s remarks in which they condemned the former president’s comments towards Harris, calling them racist and misogynistic.

“The American people have already seen one evil after another from Donald Trump. She has seen time and time again his disrespect towards women, “his disdain for black Americans and his utter disregard for our democracy,” the statement said.

Democratic candidate campaign spokeswoman Sarafina Chitika specifically responded to Trump’s statement that Harris is “f***ing bad,” highlighting the mistakes the Republican made during his term, as well as the recent legal conflicts that it has gone through in recent months.

“No, Donald. What is wrong is taking away women’s rights; losing an election and encouraging a violent mob to attack the Capitol; assaulting women; telling people to inject themselves with bleach; committing 34 crimes (…) Thank you for allowing us to clarify it for you,” he noted.

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