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Today, it is a great classic of regional cuisine that François-Régis Gaudry has decided to tackle. Chicken, cream, grated count, white wine, paprika, here are the essential ingredients for a killer Gaston Gérard chicken. On his Instagram account, the famous gastronomic critic reveals the steps of the recipe and gives his tips for paying homage to Burgundy as it should be.

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Originally from Dijon, the Gaston Gérard chicken pays homage to one of the former mayors of the capital of the Dukes of Burgundy. Created in 1930, following a cooking accident caused by the wife of the mayor at the time. She, in fact, spilled a pot of paprika into the dish she was preparing for their guest, Maurice Edmond Saillant, a humorist and famous French culinary critic of the 20th century. To soften the overly spicy taste of its preparation, Reine-Geneviève Bourgogne decided to add cream, white wine and grated Comté. Today, this dish is one of the prides of Burgundian cuisine!


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