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Every day, Cyril Lignac shares all his culinary tips on the airwaves of RTL. After taking listeners to Italy and Asia for a taste journey, the French favorite chef returns to his native land and reveals his secret to creating yet another classic of French gastronomy. This time, Mercotte’s sidekick in The Best Pastry Chef was tempted by the recipe for duck breast with green pepper.“It’s super good”, launches Cyril Lignac. His tip for perfecting his preparation? “Cut the ends of the duck to remove a little of the fat and leave it out of the fridge before cooking so that the fat can melt and you have just a thin crispy layer”he reveals. A meat that he suggests serving with a delicious gratin dauphinois.

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Cooking time: 15 minutes

  1. Trim the duck breasts by removing excess fat from the edges. Keep the meat trimmings. In a frying pan, add a drizzle of oil and add the trimmings. Let it caramelize with a little butter and the shallots. Add ¾ of green pepper
    crushed. Deglaze with port and remove from the heat, add the mustard and stir. Pour in the broth and let reduce. Add the cream.
  2. Score the fat from the breasts using the tip of a knife. Add salt and pepper. In a hot pan, first brown the fat by flattening it well with a spatula for 1 to 2 minutes, then the flesh by lowering the heat and cook for 3 minutes. Leave to rest on a plate while the sauce passes.
  3. Filter the sauce through a strainer. Cut the duck breast into slices, pour the sauce over them. The chef suggests serving this duck with green pepper with a delicious gratin dauphinois. With Julie Andrieu’s advice, you will be able to make one that will be unforgettable!


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