He Supreme Pontiff declared that he will sign a decree to canonize the doctor José Gregorio Hernándezafter reviewing all the evidence that proves his miracles in Venezuela.

During a meeting with the Venezuelan ambassador to the Vatican, The pontiff firmly expressed: “We are going to canonize him”This meeting took place on Friday, May 3, where the ambassador presented the Pope with an image of the venerable José Gregorio Hernández. However, the information has only recently come to light.

The first miracle of José Gregorio Hernández

José Gregorio Hernández had already been beatified by the Vatican due to the case of the girl Yauxy Solórzano, who miraculously survived a gunshot wound to the head. The Vatican recognized the first miracle of José Gregorio Hernández on April 27, 2020.

Now, his canonization is expected to take place in 2025, as indicated by Cardinal Baltazar Porras, archbishop of Caracasin statements made in February 2024.

What is known about the second miracle of José Gregorio Hernández?

According to Gerardino Barracchini, vice postulator for the cause of José Gregorio Hernándezthe file of the second miracle was presented in the United States between May and June 2022.

Barracchini revealed that the person in question experienced severe multi-organ failure, with a vegetative state that mainly affected the liver and kidneys.and that he required a transplant in addition to dialysis while he was in a coma.

“The biological and physical integrity of this person was very compromised. This was the case until the miraculous healing occurred, which took place 14 days after the prayer to José Gregorio Hernández began. Today, this person is completely healthy.”

Besides, He stressed that the person who benefited from the alleged miracle will be a key witness in court.

José Gregorio Hernández, to the altars

Barracchini explained that The case has completed the necessary steps to date, including confirmation of the file, certification of the decree of legal validity on October 26, 2022the opening of the minutes, their translation from English to Italian and the delivery of the required summaries.

The legacy of José Gregorio Hernández, whom Pope Francis has appointed co-patron of the chair of peace, continues to resonate not only in Venezuelabut also in the entire international Catholic community, highlighting their devotion and affection for this venerable man of science and faith.

With this announcement, The Catholic Church celebrates a significant step towards the canonization of José Gregorio Hernándezwhose life and miracles have inspired millions around the world.

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