The Brazilian Justice sentenced this Monday the actor Juan Darthés, actor of Patito Feo, to 6 years in prison for the sexual abuse of the Argentine actress Thelma Fardín when she was 16 years old and they were both on tour in Nicaragua.

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“This is a scenario for which I was not prepared because I had lost faith in justice. This sentence has to be a hope for all those people who are suffering abuse,” The actress expressed this June 10 at a press conference in Buenos Aires together with her lawyers and the deputy director of Amnesty International Argentina, Paola García Rey.

In 2018, the actress accused Darthés of having abused her in Nicaragua in 2009, when she was 16 years old and he was 45, while they were promoting the children’s series Patito Feo.

In 2019, Nicaragua ordered the international capture of Darthés, but the actor, born in Brazil but who made his career in Argentina, had already settled in his country, which does not extradite its nationals.

Darthés had been acquitted a year ago in the first instance in the trial held by the Brazilian justice system since November 2021. That decision was appealed by Fardín, who highlighted this Monday that “finally” justice “says that he is guilty.”

“Today I feel relief. This scenario was what I expected when I started this whole journey, which never had to do with wanting to seek revenge or retaliation. For me the important thing was to rescue that 16-year-old girl I was and give her some kind of reparation. , healing”, noted the actress, now 31 years old.

A court in San Pablo this Monday sentenced the actor to 6 years in prison for the crime of statutory rape.

The actress’s lawyer in Argentina, Martín Arias Duval, pointed out that the prison sentence will not be effective until the sentence is final and clarified that the actor has the right to appeal the judicial decision.

“It was a very forceful and robust sentence,” the lawyer highlighted.

The actress especially thanked her lawyers in Brazil and Argentina, Amnesty International, which advocated for the opening of the process in Brazil, and the group of actresses in Argentina, who in all these years supported Fardín in this litigation.

Regarding this decision of the Brazilian justice system, the Argentine actress Esther Goris, known internationally for her performance in the film ‘Eva Perón’ (1996), declared to EFE: “Thelma Fardín’s fight over the years for her case to be heard has been very hard and today she serves as an example.”

Goris, who worked with Fardín at the beginning of last year on a work titled ‘Plagiarism’, added that the fact that “justice has been issued represents a milestone, a before and after in the history” of movements such as Ni una menos and Me too.

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