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Viewers were able to discover this Thursday, July 4 on M6 an unpublished episode of Cauchemar en Cuisine. Indeed, Philippe Etchebest went to Sallèles-d’Aude in Occitanie with the aim of helping Joanne in her restaurant La Maison de l’Ecurie. But what happened to the establishment after the chef’s visit?

Since 2011 now, chef Philippe Etchebest has been helping restaurateurs in the show Cauchemar en Cuisine. Recently, the MOF went to Occitanie in Sallèles-d’Aude, where Joanne has been taking over the reins for six years of a guinguette located on the banks of the Canal du Midi. The problem? Overwhelmed by the situation, the young woman is struggling to get by.

It was the manager’s partner who decided to sound the alarm by contacting Philippe Etchebest. A call for help that was particularly awaited by the couple. For them, the chef’s arrival marks the beginning of a new chapter in their lives, as they explain via the page Facebook of their establishment: “Thursday, July 4th will be a big day for the restaurant. After 6 years, I decided to contact Chef Etchebest and his team to help me give it a big clean-up! Professional and personal. They are very good at it. It will also mark a big turning point for the visibility of this unique place.”

This is going to be a real challenge for the chef. As soon as he arrives, the mood is set: “It looks like a dump, everything is made of bits and pieces.” says the chef. And if the decoration is not to his taste, the kitchen side is also complicated. At the time, customers recognized that they were not satisfied, as did sharing TV Star : “”Long service (1 hour…), mistake in orders, cooking not respected, left without taking a dessert, because there was only ice cream left… A ruined holiday evening, too bad”, shared one of them. “Indeed, the setting is super pleasant. Top waitress. On the other hand, skewers very blah blah. We go there for the setting, but not for the food… Besides, very sick afterwards…,” added another””.

If the decoration and the cuisine were not up to par, it was without taking into account the chef who was able to turn things around.

Today, the restaurant La Maison de l’Ecurie is still open. Moreover, on Tripadvisor, The opinions regarding the cuisine, the service and the value for money are very positive. We can read in particular “very nice atmosphere, welcoming staff and the home cooking is a treat” or “a beautiful guinguette that I recommend where the cuisine is prepared with desire and refinement” and finally “Homemade with always a touch of exoticism, just to travel a bit to the Asian side. I recommend it.”

In short, now many praises and compliments are mentioned. The establishment also obtains a nice score of 4/5.

Mission accomplished for the chef!


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