At least two people, including a police officer, were injured with a knife this Friday in Mannheim (southern Germany) by an individual who was neutralized by the Police, official sources confirmed, in an attack in which the target, according to German media, was a self-proclaimed anti-Islam activist.

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“A person attacked several people with a knife and injured them. “We cannot provide information on the size and severity of the injuries at this time,” the Mannheim police announced in a statement.

“A firearm was used against the attacker. The attacker was also injured,” added the institution, which noted that at this time there is no longer any danger to the public.

In a video broadcast by several German media, you can see how an individual armed with a sharp object He attacked a person who was at an information stand in a square and then those who came to his aid, including a police officer, whom he wounded in the neck.

Seconds later you can see that a police officer neutralizes the attacker with a shot.

According to German media, the target of the attack is Right-wing politician and self-described anti-Islam activist Michael Stürzenberger, 59who was handing out leaflets at a stand with the Israeli flag and the slogan “Stop Political Islam.”

Due to the seriousness of the images, Noticias Caracol refrains from showing the audiovisual content of the attack.

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