“NThis is not how we fight”, Kuleba stressed, claiming that “atrocities against civilians” are part of Russian behavior, “as has been seen in the last two years”, since President Vladimir Putin ordered the military invasion of the neighboring country.

Around 140 people died in Friday’s attack on an auditorium on the outskirts of Moscow, shortly before a concert, and although the terrorist group Islamic State (IS) claimed responsibility and Putin identified those responsible as Islamists, the main politicians Russians continue to point to Kyiv as a facilitator of the terrorist operation.

All this occurs in a context of escalating Russian bombings in Ukraine.

Between March 18 and 24, 190 missiles of various types, 140 Shaheed drones and 700 guided bombs fell on Ukraine, according to figures presented by Kuleba in a virtual meeting with international media.

“Ukraine is the only country in the world attacked with ballistic missiles almost every day,” added the head of Ukrainian diplomacy, who called for more anti-aircraft defense systems – in particular Patriot systems – to counter Russian threats.

Regarding the arrival of the first F16 fighters, Kuleba acknowledged that it is a complicated matter, but that “the situation may change”, recalling the initial plan for deliveries to begin in the summer.

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2529527/kyiv-volta-a-recusar-acusacoes-de-envolvimento-no-atentado-em-moscovo

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