O The Labour Party won the British general election on Thursday and Keir Starmer will be the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, according to exit polls. Labour defeated the Conservative Party, which has been in power since 2010.

Polls conducted for British broadcasters Sky News, BBC and ITV News indicate that Labour has won an absolute majority, with 410 deputies out of a total of 650while the Conservative Party, led by Rishi Sunak, only elected 131 MPs.

In the previous general elections, in 2019, the Conservatives (‘Tories’) had elected 365 MPs and the Labour (‘Labour’) 202, a historic low since 1935.

On social media, Keir Starmer made a point of leaving a note of thanks to voters who “placed their trust” in the Labour Party. “To everyone who campaigned for Labour in this election, to everyone who voted for us and put their trust in our changed Labour Party – thank you”he wrote.

The Labour Party and the Conservative Party are followed by the Liberal Democrats, with 61 seats, Reform UK, with 13, the Scottish National Party, with ten, Plaid Cymru, with four, and finally the Green Party, with two.

The remaining 19 seats are shared between a small party or independent candidate and parties from Northern Ireland.

According to the British press, the official results should be known early Friday morning.

It should be noted that in the United Kingdom, a party can form a government if it obtains an absolute majority of 326 seats. In the event of an absolute majority, the leader of the respective party will be tasked by King Charles III with forming a government, as early as Friday.

The general elections were called for May 22 by Rishi Sunak, surprising politicians and analysts who expected them to only take place at the end of the year.

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