NAt the final press conference of the European Council, Von der Leyen said that the report presented today to the leaders of the European Union (EU) by former Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta on the internal market and that of the former head of the Government of Rome and former president of the European Central Bank Mario Draghi, which will be released in June, on competitiveness, “will certainly inspire the guidelines that will be drawn up for the next term”.

For his part, the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, said that Letta’s report “Much more than a market” shows that the internal market “is a political purpose” and will help leaders take “fundamental decisions in the coming weeks, in preparation for the next institutional cycle after the European elections”.

The Prime Minister, Luís Montenegro, said, also at a press conference, that Letta’s report deserves “emphatic support”.

Montenegro stressed that “increasing the resilience and competitiveness of the European economy on a global scale is a goal of all EU Member States, but it is above all a benefit to those who have a need to recover more economically”, as is the case of Portugal will be able to take advantage of European economic competitiveness “to gain market shares worldwide”.

Former Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta today appealed to European Union (EU) leaders to “not waste time”, after measures he suggested in a report to strengthen the internal market, recalling the “ever-widening” gap with the United States .

“There is no time to waste. The gap between the EU and the United States in terms of economic performance is growing and there is the possibility of strengthening the single market to eliminate fragmentation”, declared Enrico Letta.

EU leaders met on Wednesday and today, at an extraordinary European Council in Brussels, the first in which Luís Montenegro participated.

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