Two minor cousins They died after being struck by lightning while searching for a telephone signal on a small hill in the municipality of Muelle de los Bueyes, in the Autonomous Region of the Southern Caribbean (RACS) of Nicaragua, the National Police reported last Friday, June 14, 2024.

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The event occurred on a farm in the rural community of San Miguel, municipality of Muelle de los Bueyes, and was classified as an accidental death by the National Police.

The tragedy occurred on the night of Thursday, June 13, when the two minors, aged 13 and 16, respectively, They left their houses towards a small hill to look for a signal for their cell phones and were struck by lightning.according to the police report.

According to the police report, the parents of the minors, seeing that their children did not return home, even when the rain had stopped, went out to look for them and They found the two young men dead next to each other.

A coroner ruled out the involvement of a criminal in that event and maintained that it was the result of an electric shock.

The cousins ​​were studying high school on Saturdays at a school in their community, where the news shocked the neighbors.

Deaths caused by lightning are common in Nicaragua, especially between May and November, when the country is under the influence of the humid season of the year.

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