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There is still a month left before spring returns. To continue to face the cold and winter temperatures, there is nothing better than warming up with a good traditional dish. We offer you Philippe Etchebest’s recipe for the classic pot-au-feu. Although it is a recipe that takes time to cook, it is nonetheless quick to prepare: “It’s an easy, inexpensive recipe that takes a little time, but only on the cooking, not on the preparations”, explains the starred chef. You will therefore have a comforting and hearty meal ideal to serve as a family during dinner. With the chef’s guidance, you can’t miss it. So follow the steps and it’s your turn.

To obtain candied meat and vegetables in your stew, Philippe Etchebest focuses everything on cooking. Indeed, if it is advisable to let your stew cook for at least three hours, the chef recommends that you let it simmer for much longer. This is what will bring softness to your meat and vegetables.


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