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Puree is a true classic of French cuisine. Recently, we shared with you in an article the advice of chef Yves Camdeborde to succeed every time. If thanks to the cook you will know how to make it to perfection, today we are revealing different recipes for purees which will change from the traditional potato preparation. So let yourself be tempted by our tempting ideas!

A delicious fusion of root vegetables that provides a creamy texture and slightly sweet flavor. Celery root, carrots and potatoes are cooked together until tender, then mashed into a velvety puree. This unique combination of vegetables offers a colorful and nutritious alternative to traditional puree. See the recipe for celeriac, carrot and potato puree.

A simple, but foolproof, recipe for a homemade puree that will dazzle your guests with every bite. Potatoes are cooked to perfection, mashed with creamy butter, hot milk and a pinch of salt. The result ? A light, airy and irresistibly delicious puree that will quickly become a staple in your culinary repertoire. See the recipe for the best homemade mash recipe.

A mashed potato that will awaken your senses with the addition of crunchy hazelnuts. The potatoes are prepared in the traditional way, then enriched with a touch of toasted hazelnuts and cream. A sumptuous accompaniment that will bring an unexpected dimension to your meal. See the recipe for hazelnut mashed potatoes.

A light and healthy alternative to traditional mash, this recipe combines tender cauliflower with saffron and cream. The resulting puree is velvety, light and full of flavor, making this option a great way to add vegetables to your meal. See the recipe for cauliflower puree.

A classic variation on mashed potatoes that combines the creaminess of potatoes with the subtle freshness of chives. The potatoes are cooked to perfection, then mashed and mixed with cream, butter and finely chopped chives. See the recipe for Chive Mashed Potatoes.

A classic puree with a touch of greenery thanks to the addition of peas. The potatoes are cooked until tender, then mixed with steamed peas to create a delicate and flavorful mash. A versatile side dish that will complement a variety of main dishes. See the recipe for mashed potatoes and peas.


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