“O Hamas’ act was terrorist, that it is not possible to carry out an attack, kill innocent people, kidnap people in the way they did, without measuring the consequences of what happens afterwards”, Lula began by saying, at the Palácio do Planalto, at a meeting organized for the local press.

“Because, now, what we have is the insanity of the Prime Minister of Israel wanting to end the Gaza Strip, forgetting that there are not just Hamas soldiers there, that there are women and children there, who are the great victims of this war”, he stressed.

Lula da Silva, who celebrates his 78th birthday today, also said that he will not have a birthday party because “the world is sadder.”

“I see the children in the Gaza Strip, it breaks my heart as a human being, so it’s not a reason to party,” he said, quoted by Agência Brasil.

Israel intensified last night’s bombing and military operations against Gaza, three weeks after the Hamas attack on Israeli territory, which has left thousands dead and injured on both sides.

The Brazilian head of state also defended the end of the veto power of the five permanent member countries of the UN Security Council.

Brazil, as rotating president of the Council, presented a resolution proposing a ceasefire in the conflict, which was vetoed by the United States.

“Someone has to talk about peace. The note that Brazil made was approved by 12 out of 15 votes and two abstentions. That’s why we want to end the veto right. We think that the Americans, the Russians, the English, the French , the Chinese, no one should have the right to veto”, he stressed.

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