“O What is at risk in the world is democracy. It is at risk for fascism, it is at risk for Nazism, it is at risk for the angry, ignorant, brutish extreme right, which offends people, which does not believe in people”, stated the Brazilian head of state, during an assessment of the Federal Government’s actions in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

“It’s Milei in Argentina. He wants to close the Central Bank, use a saw. It’s Bolsonaro here”, he stressed, adding that “to this day he doesn’t recognize his defeat” in the October 2022 presidential elections.

According to Lula da Silva, “before it was the left that criticized the system”, but now it is the ultra-right that does so, imposing new “challenges” to democracy and its values.

“Before in politics we had adversaries” and not “enemies”, but now “that ended in Brazil, the United States, Spain and is ending in Portugal”, he declared, calling for the recovery of “humanism” and the “value of the institutions that are the guarantors of democracy”.

For the Brazilian head of state, this is a unique moment in the world, remembering the constant fake news that is spread on social media by right-wing radicals.

“The truth is worth nothing and lies are worth everything,” he said.

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2522223/lula-diz-que-extrema-direita-raivosa-poe-em-risco-democracia-no-mundo

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