At least two people died and 21 were injured this Tuesday, May 7, in a hospital in China, in the province of Yunnan (southwest), in an attack by a man who was initially announced to have left more than ten dead and whose circumstances are still unknown.

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Local authorities and media initially reported that the event had left “ten victims”, a figure that, as they later clarified, did not specifically refer to fatalities.

The incident took place at 1:20 in the afternoon, according to the official Xinhua news agency, which added that the authorities are “verifying and verifying” the situation.

“The situation is still somewhat chaotic,” a witness told The Paper newspaper, which states that Authorities are still counting the dead and injured.

According to videos not yet verified, The assailant was already captured by security forces outside the premises.

Hospital surveillance images distributed by the aforementioned media show a man in the hospital carrying at least two knives with which he proceeded to attack several people, after which several fell to the ground with wounds.

At the moment the motives of the attacker are unknown, although several violent episodes in hospitals in the Asian country caused the authorities to deploy armed police in these types of centers in 2016 to stop attacks by patients or relatives against health personnel.

In 2020, the Asian giant enacted a health law that granted specific protection to medical personnel and prohibited threatening or endangering the safety of workers in the sector, although factors such as the scarcity of medical resources and the high cost of some treatments continue to be a source of conflict.

In recent years, several incidents of stabbings or attacks against crowds have also been recorded in China, which some Chinese media often refer to as “acts of revenge against society.”

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Prohibition of firearms

Mass crimes are rare in China, a country where citizens are prohibited from owning firearms.

In recent years, however, a series of knife attacks have been recorded. In August, two people were killed and seven others injured in Yunnan in a knife attack carried out by a man with a history of mental disorders.

In April 2024, six people were killed and one injured in a knife attack, this time at a kindergarten in the southern province of Guangdong.

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