A man was arrested on Thursday, April 4, by the Police when he was trying to enter the Casa Rosada in Argentina, with a machete, warning that he was going to commit an attack, according to the Argentine Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich.

In a press conference, Bullrich explained that this Thursday afternoon “a person, shouting that he was going to commit an attack, with a backpack containing a sharp object with a handle”, was detained by Yanina Violante, a policewoman, member of the Government House Police Department division of the Argentine Federal Police.

She saw the fact. She saw that she was carrying a backpack and that there she had an item with a wooden handle. She made an immediate decision: she reduced this person, who was a young male. She reduced it. She threw him to the floor. She took him apart. He took out the weapon, which was a sharp weapon, and prevented him from entering the Government House,” he said.

According to media in that country, such as TN, The aggressor shouted “I am God and I am going to kill the president.”

Bullrich, who congratulated the police who intervened, indicated that the detainee was handed over to the Buenos Aires City Police.

In a publication on his profile on the social network fork.

Subsequently, the Ministry of Security issued a statement in which it detailed that The knife that the man was carrying was “a machete type of approximately 40 centimeters.”

According to the statement, the man, whose name was not reported, tried to enter the Casa Rosada of Argentina through the main entrance shouting “I am going to commit an attack.”

The delayed individual said he was Argentine, 29 years old, residing in the Buenos Aires district of Pilar.. Contact was made with personnel from the Constitutional Crimes Division, who were present at the scene,” the Ministry of Security indicated.

The Federal Criminal and Correctional Court 9 intervenes in the case, led by Judge María Capuchetti, who ordered the arrest of the person involved for the crime of “public intimidation.”

Source: https://www.noticiascaracol.com/mundo/hombre-quiso-entrar-a-la-casa-rosada-de-argentina-con-un-machete-afirmando-que-era-dios-cb20

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