The opposition leader of Venezuela Maria Corina Machado He denounced that a group of government supporters tried to “prevent” his arrival at a political event in a town in the Guárico state, in the center of the country.

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What did María Corina Machado say?

Through the social network “linked to the Mayor’s Office of Las Mercedes“, in Guárico, “They cut down several very large trees” to block the road, where they also “put miguelitos (devices with nails to puncture vehicle tires) and caused an accident.”

However, Machado assured that, in “a matter of minutes, there were more than 100 people helping to unblock the road,” which, in his opinion, showed that Venezuelans are “determined to tear down all obstacles and open all paths to “reach change on July 28” in the presidential elections, when the opposition hopes to put an end to Chavismo, in power since 1999.

“They wanted to prevent us from doing that act in Las Mercedes, but they managed to make more people find out and we could demonstrate, once again, that we Venezuelans will not let our destiny be taken away from us.”“said Machado, who calls to vote for former ambassador Edmundo González Urrutia, candidate of the main opposition coalition, the Democratic Unitary Platform (PUD).

The current head of state, Nicolás Maduro, who is seeking his second re-election, will also compete in these elections.

Eight of the ten candidates, including Maduro and except for González Urrutia and Enrique Márquez, signed this Thursday, before the National Electoral Council (CNE), an agreement that obliges them to maintain a “climate of respect, peace and democratic participation” recognize the result of the elections.

González Urrutia assured that he was not invited to the signing of the agreement, which he had previously rejected, arguing that the recognition of the results is already contemplated in the Barbados Agreement, signed between the largest opposition coalition and Chavismo in October, with support and international support.

In addition, the former ambassador denounced an increase in “the persecution against leaders and sympathizers” of his campaign.

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