In it, Amira literally says: “We thought that this is probably the best way we can say it: We are separated.”

According to the report, the Pochers didn’t say much about the end, but the comedian gave a little insight into his emotional world: “I can’t say any more about it now. I don’t want to spread any fortune cookie phrases or say pathetically that we will remain connected forever. I didn’t want to break up. Now the situation is the way it is and you have to accept that now.”

Marriage off with Oliver and Amira Pocher – but the podcast should continue

“Hopefully we can do it and will continue to be a team,” said Amira Pocher. The podcast will continue. This will be particularly exciting on September 11th, when the duo wants to record two episodes live in front of an audience in Cologne. The Pochers also want to continue to be there together as parents for their two little sons (2 and 3 years old).

Already in June there were reports of marital problems. At that time, the Pochers addressed them in their podcast and made it clear that they wanted to work on them. Apparently that wasn’t crowned with success.

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