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A new chapter is emerging at McDonald’s. After having succeeded in positioning itself as a true pioneer of fast food, the American restaurant chain is about to experience a decisive turning point in its history. After many years of reflection and research, the giant has announced the total metamorphosis of one of its emblematic burger recipes: the Big Mac. A decision taken to improve quality, as revealed by the Wall Street Journal… But not only.

Bread, cheese, salad… All the steps of the Big Mac recipe have been reworked by the McDonald’s teams. “The lettuce, cheese and pickles have been redesigned to be fresher and more tender, the bread is now a buttery brioche, with sesame seeds scattered more randomly for a homemade look”can we read in the columns of Wall Street Journal. The bottom of the bun will also be thicker in order to maintain the heat inside the burger more effectively. And that’s not all. From taking the cheese out of the refrigerator earlier to gain creaminess to cooking steaks at the same time, every aspect of the recipe has been carefully considered.“The company has calibrated to the millimeter the space between the metal shell that presses the hamburgers on the grill, to avoid pressing too hard and causing all the juice to come out”specifies Wall Street Journal. The quantities of the ingredients that make up the famous sandwich have also been modified. Thus, the space given to the famous Big Mac sauce will be more important, it will go from 9 grams to 14 grams in the sandwich. In total, the fast-food giant has made more than fifty modifications. A new recipe only available in the United States for the moment, before an international deployment.

If McDonald’s wants to upgrade the quality of its food, it also wants to counter the competition with better-developed recipes. Although the company enjoys a significant lead over other market players, it only occupies 13th place among American chains in terms of the desirability of its burgers., according to a study by Technomic. To restore its image, the fast-food chain has reworked its image and promises its customers the “best burgers ever”. For the moment, no date has been announced for the arrival of this new Big Mac version in France.


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