O Former President of Russia and current president of the country’s Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, commented this Friday on Joe Biden’s speech on the State of the Union and considered that the American president, who he described as a “crazy and mentally incapacitated”, is the “disgrace of the United States”.

At issue is the fact that Biden began his speech by recalling that, “in January 1941, President Franklin Roosevelt spoke to the nation”, where he stated: “I address you at an unprecedented moment in the history of the Union”.

“Hitler was on the march. War was raging in Europe. President Roosevelt’s objective was to wake up Congress and alert the American people that this was not an ordinary time. Freedom and democracy were being attacked in the world”, he recalled Biden, adding that “now we are the ones facing an unprecedented moment in the history of the Union.”

For Medvedev, Biden’s words are “a more or less comparison”, which, “obviously, is not favorable” for the American president.

“First of all, even though Roosevelt was a sick man in a wheelchair, he lifted America from [Grande] Depression; Biden, on the other hand, is a crazy and mentally incapacitated individual who set out to drag humanity to hellbegan by mentioning the former Russian president, in a post on the social network X.

“Secondly, Roosevelt, together with his allies, including the USSR, fought for peace. However, Biden is actively and persistently trying to start World War III. Thirdly, Roosevelt was fighting the fascists, but Biden is fighting for them,” he added.

And he shot: “He is the disgrace of the United States!”

It should be noted that the President of the United States gave his third State of the Union address during the early hours of this Friday. Biden compared today with the period before the Second World War, when Adolf Hitler was marching in Europe, and considered that it is now the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, who intends to gain more ground in Europe.

“What makes our moment rare is that freedom and democracy are under attack, both at home and abroad, at the same time. Abroad, Putin is on the march, invading Ukraine and sowing chaos across Europe and beyond. If anyone in this room thinks that Putin will end up in Ukraine, I guarantee you he won’t”, he warned, receiving a standing ovation from the Democrats present in the room.

Biden has promised that US soldiers will not go to Ukraine and reinforced calls for more aid to Kyiv.

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