A shocking fight with machetes was recorded in the municipality of San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic. In the middle of the dispute, one of those involved lost a hand.

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Media such as Actualidad Viral stated that the protagonists of the discussion were identified as Nelvi Feliz Feliz, 27 years old, and Melquiades Kevin Trinidad, 31 years old.

The images show how, in the middle of a public street, these Subjects inflicted forceful blows on each other with machetes.

According to what was reported by the authorities, one of them suffered “head trauma and multiple injuries from a machete,” while the other suffered “traumatic amputation of his left hand.”

And in the videos that have circulated on social networks you can see how the man who loses his hand, picks it up from the ground and leaves the place.

Nelvi Feliz Feliz and Milquiades Kelvin Trinidad Ramos received medical attention. However, the latter had to undergo surgery due to the traumatic amputation.

While investigations into the case continuethe individuals were arrested and placed at the disposal of the judicial authorities.

Noticias Caracol refrains from showing the audiovisual material of the event due to the crudeness of the images.

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Source: https://www.noticiascaracol.com/mundo/hombres-se-pelearon-con-machetes-y-uno-de-ellos-perdio-una-mano-rg10

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