And Thief received a tremendous beating after trying to steal some cigarettes from a store. The criminal did not take into account that the woman who ran the store practices wrestling. Everything happened in a commercial premises located in the city of Resistencia, Argentina.

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Videos from security cameras show how a man, wearing a hood, arrives at the store and asks for a bottle of water.

The merchant proceeds to give him the drink and that is when the subject tries to enter the place through a small security window.

However, the criminal did not mention that the woman practiced wrestling and She gave him a tremendous beating, mainly punching him in the head several times.

Finding himself cornered by the brave merchant, the thief He fled the scene empty-handed.

The owner of the establishment told Todo Noticias that her employee was somewhat upset after what happened. “He had a little bleeding on his hands, but no more than that. Thank God he didn’t take anything.”he stressed.

See the images of the moment here:

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