In the midst of the migration crisis between Mexico and the United States, there is alert for a growing problem. The number of migrants with health problems increases and increases the pressure on the authorities of both countries.

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Jenifer Herrera is a 23-year-old Honduran and her daughter is a little girl who is ten months old. Both live outdoors with other migrants and their camp is on the banks of the Rio Grande, right next to the wall that separates Mexico and the United States.

“My daughter has vomiting, diarrhea, fever, she gets really sick and even whitens her eyes. Yesterday she thought she was going to die because I saw her looking very bad.”Jenifer told the AFP news agency.

A group of brigade members from the Mexican Government arrived in the area to evaluate the little girl. After the assessment they had to transfer her to an ambulance located a few meters away. The baby was suffering from dehydration.

More and more migrants are arriving at the border with health problems.

“Unfortunately, we have been detecting many children who are presenting with some form of illness, including measles. That is why we have been channeling them into shelters. In our church we are giving them care and medicine,” said Carlos Mayorga, volunteer.

The migrants say they are fleeing violence and poverty, risking their lives, with the aim of fulfilling the American dream.

On average, 6,000 migrants arrive daily at the northern border with Mexico.

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