The Argentine president, Javier Milei criticized socialism and the head of the Spanish government, Pedro Sánchez, upon receiving a decoration this Friday from the right-wing president of the Community of Madridwhich caused irritation in the left-wing Executive.

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This visit is Milei’s second to Spain in just over a month.

The previous one unleashed a diplomatic crisis, after The ultraliberal president will accuse Sánchez’s wife, Begoña Gómez, of being a “corrupt woman”which led Spain to withdraw its ambassador in Buenos Aires.

In no visit was he received by King Felipe VI

On this occasion, apart from receiving an award from a neoliberal think tank, his agenda only included a meeting with Díaz Ayuso, a rising figure in the hardest wing of the Spanish right, who decorated him with an honorary medal.

Milei took advantage of his acceptance speech to launch a diatribe against socialism, stating that It is a system that generates “poverty” and “is based on envy, hatred, resentment, and unequal treatment before the law.”

Ayuso thanked Milei for his visit and stated that “the Argentine nation is re-emerging strongly” thanks to measures “that sound like fresh air throughout the American continent, but also in Europe.”

Milei came to power with a program that includes privatizations, tax reductions and economic deregulations.

Ayuso, firm critic of the Sánchez Government, He called to take care of the “liberal democracies (…) on both sides of the Atlantic, in the face of liberticidal projects that are ruining entire nations.”

The Spanish government criticized Ayuso’s initiative to receive and decorate Milei

“It is very clear what their concept of institutionality, loyalty and patriotism is, which is to rush to impose a ‘fake’ medal on anyone who insults Spain and its institutions”Government spokesperson Pilar Alegría said on the Antena 3 network.

Sources from the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Thursday that they hoped that in his new stay in Madrid “Milei would live up to the Argentine people and respect Spanish institutions”, something that “he did not (…) do in his previous visit “.

After his stopover in the Spanish capital, Milei will travel to Germany over the weekend, a visit reduced to a minimum, without military honors or a press conference after his meeting with the head of the German government, Olaf Scholz.

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