More than 100 million people in 27 US states are on alert due to extreme weather. High temperatures have wreaked havoc, even leading to a linesman fainting during a Copa América match in Kansas.

Guatemalan Humberto Panjoj, linesman in the Peru-Canada match of the Copa América in Kansas, collapsed due to heat stroke with temperatures above 34 degrees Celsius on the field. This incident adds to the alarming weather conditions affecting more than 100 million people in the United States, where even a wax statue of Abraham Lincoln melted in Washington due to extreme heat.

Meanwhile, the Midwest faces devastating flooding from torrential rains, which led to a state of major disaster being declared in Iowa. An important highway that connects South Dakota with Iowa collapsed due to the flooding of the Big Sioux River, leaving parts of the metal structure submerged.

In South Dakota, about 60 homes became uninhabitable due to soil erosion, while major highways in Minnesota, Iowa and the Dakotas have been severely affected. The situation has claimed the lives of two people so far.

In Minnesota, heavy rains threaten to destroy a century-old dam, leading to the evacuation of residents in nearby areas. Meanwhile, at a global level, Brazil faces forest fires that have consumed more than 32 thousand hectares in the Pantanal, resulting in the declaration of a state of emergency.

Climate in Europe

In Italy, heavy rains have caused flooding that has closed roads and underpasses in regions such as Tuscany, while in Switzerland, a river in Morges has burst its banks and caused severe flooding. In Madrid, a recent storm has caused chaos with flooding, hail and strong winds in the city center.

These events underscore the urgency of the global climate crisis.with multiple regions facing severe impacts that require immediate and coordinated responses.


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