QWhen they were asked to choose between the two options, 51% of Israelis said that bringing the hostages home should be the main objective of the war, while 36% chose to overthrow the Palestinian Islamist movement.

The survey, cited by the Spanish agency EFE, was carried out at the end of January among 772 people, with a margin of error of around 3.59%.

Thirteen percent of respondents said they did not know whether the main objective of the war, which is in its 123rd day, should be the eradication of Hamas or the release of the more than 100 hostages still alive.

The hostages were kidnapped during the Islamist group’s attack in southern Israel on October 7, which also left around 1,200 dead, according to Israeli authorities.

Since the beginning of the military offensive in the Gaza Strip, Benjamin Netanyahu’s government has defined the eradication of Hamas and the release of hostages as its objectives.

So far, 110 of the more than 250 initial hostages have been released, most of them in a truce in the last week of November.

An estimated 132 people are currently held hostage by Palestinian militias in Gaza, although Israel considers around 30 of those hostages to be dead.

The survey released today comes after weeks of pressure and growing protests from the families of the hostages to Netanyahu, who are asking him to reach an agreement to release them at any cost.

The Israeli prime minister has insisted that military pressure is the best option to free the hostages.

In recent weeks, negotiations have been mediated by Qatar, Egypt and the United States to reach a new ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, still without success.

The deal would involve the release of hostages in exchange for the release of Palestinian prisoners.

Israel’s military response caused more than 27,500 deaths in Gaza, according to Hamas.

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2496757/maioria-dos-israelitas-prefere-libertacao-de-refens-a-derrota-do-hamas

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