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Cucumber is one of the most popular vegetables for its discreet taste and crunchy texture. Very rich in water, it brings a touch of freshness to salads, tabbouleh and other summer dishes. But what to do when you find it softened at the bottom of the refrigerator? Can we still consume it and how?

The whole cucumber will keep well for about a week in the refrigerator. Over time, it can lose its crunchiness without becoming unfit for consumption. A cucumber that has become soft is simply too ripe. Its heart, often more tender, takes precedence over the crunchy flesh, making its seeds more difficult to digest. All you have to do is remove them to consume it without worry. However, if the cucumber becomes rubbery, mushy, has an unpleasant odor, or has mold, it is best to discard it.

A softened cucumber may no longer be nice in a salad, but it still finds its place in many recipes. It can be integrated into a tzatziki, where its less crunchy texture goes unnoticed once mixed with Greek yogurt and herbs. It can also be used in juices or gazpachos, taking care to remove the fibrous parts. Cucumber slices can also add a refreshing touch to a cocktail or infused water. Contrary to popular belief, cucumber can also be eaten cooked, as a substitute for zucchini in ratatouille or tian, or even roasted in the oven to accompany fish. Finally, it is also possible to use it in home cosmetics thanks to its benefits for the skin.

To fully enjoy the crunch of cucumber, a few tips are necessary. Choose cucumbers that are firm and smooth, especially at the ends. Store them in paper towels in the refrigerator, possibly wrapping them in a plastic bag to avoid humidity.

You can also transform them into pickles: cut them into slices and immerse them in a spicy brine. To try to restore crunch to a soft cucumber, soak it with salt, then refrigerate it with ice cubes. Another technique is to immerse it in vinegared water with a little sugar. By following these tips, the cucumber will retain all its freshness and crunch!


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