The Police of Spain dismantled one of the largest criminal organizations, in terms of the number of victims affected, that is dedicated in that country to the sexual exploitation of women of Latin American originmost of them Colombian, an operation that resulted in the arrest of 25 people.

Only during the months that the investigation lasted, more than 500 women, mostly Colombians, would have been exploited. in the city of Malaga (southern Spain), according to police.

The working conditions imposed by the criminal organisation were abusive and put the women’s health at serious risk. They were forced to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even when they were menstruating, they could not choose or reject any client or service and they had to do so without using a condom, which caused several women to contract sexually transmitted diseases.

In addition, and to exercise greater control over them, They were constantly monitored by cameras installed in the flats, which they could only leave for two hours a day with prior authorisation. of those in charge.

Eleven victims have been released and eight of the twenty-five people arrested have already been sent to prison. The agents closed down the four brothels in the network and carried out house searches in which they seized 145,338 euros in cash and 1.2 kilos of cocaine.

The investigation began with three complaints to the Spanish Police channels against Human Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation to facilitate citizen collaboration and anonymous and confidential reporting of this type of crime.

With the promise of working in aesthetic clinics

The network, which was perfectly structured and had a large number of members, He captured an important part of the victims in their countries of origin, mainly Colombia.

Women, in a situation of great economic precariousness, They were deceived to travel to Spain in many cases with a false job offer in an aesthetic center that the organization owned in this country.

However, once in Spanish territory, they were informed of the debt they had contracted with their exploiters for the management and expenses of the trip, and they warned the victims that they had to pay off the amount by engaging in prostitution, although they continued to increase the debt through unjustified sanctions and fines.

The network, which is estimated to have had an annual profit of more than one and a half million euros, He also distributed narcotic substances in the apartments he controlled and forced women to consume them and encourage their use among clients. with the aim of making services last longer and thus generating greater profits, which in some cases also resulted in injuries to the victims.


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