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On this last day of the year, while the laughter and bursts of joy still resonate from the moments shared around the aperitif, the time has come to slide gently towards the New Year’s Eve table. After celebrating the approach of the New Year with a warm and generous aperitif, it’s time for a light transition with delicate starters before moving on to the main course and dessert. Discover our selection of light, festive and gourmet recipes.

Succumb to a symphony of flavors with this recipe. The oysters, deliciously gratinated with crispy hazelnut crumbs, are crowned with diced apples which bring a fruity freshness to each bite. A subtle balance between sea and land, this entrée will tantalize your senses, setting the stage for the feast that follows.

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The sweet bitterness of endives, braised in honey, pairs perfectly with deliciously seared scallops. This stunning combination of flavors and textures creates a dining experience worthy of special occasions, while the artistic presentation adds a note of sophistication to your table.

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An ode to refined simplicity, this starter features delicate scallops combined with the liveliness of orange. Each bite offers an explosion of freshness, accentuated by the sweet touch of citrus, creating a light and exquisite starter that will delight the most delicate palates.

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Introduce a delicate break between the festivities with our watercress soup. Refreshing and velvety, it offers a light experience, revealing the finesse of watercress in each spoonful. A simple starter, but full of character, it delicately prepares the guests for the rest of the feast.

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Warm up with our fifth offering, a carrot and orange soup with spices. This balanced fusion of sweet and spicy flavors reveals the sweetness of carrots combined with the acidity of orange, all enhanced by warm notes of spices. A comforting starter to awaken your senses.

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This goat’s cheese puff pastry with apples is a symphony of textures and flavors, this dish offers the creamy marriage of melting goat’s cheese and the sweetness of apples, wrapped in a crispy puff pastry. A perfect gourmet and light alternative before continuing with the meal.

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