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If TikTok is full of videos that are sometimes unusual, sometimes informative, culinary content is generally unanimous. Among the many creators of this type of video, JulienCuisine does not go unnoticed. This chef in a restaurant on the Côte d’Azur shares many tips, recipe ideas and techniques to make you perfect budding cooks. Today, it’s his ultimate technique for perfectly cooking a fried egg that we’re interested in. Roll up your sleeves and follow the guide!

@julienlcuisine “The fried egg” is truly an everyday classic. Little tip to succeed every time! 2 eggs are worth 150g of meat or fish, very rich in protein, it has good fatty acids and antioxidants. #oeufauplat#eggs#satisfying#relaxingfood#trick Aesthetic – Gaspar

First essential step for JulienCuisine: tap the eggs on a flat surface before pouring the contents into a bowl. Be careful, you have to be really delicate so that the yolks don’t break. Then generously oil a non-stick pan and gently place the eggs in it. This is where the chef’s secret is revealed since he advises starting cooking cold. In just a few seconds, the egg whites go from translucent to white, it’s magical! As soon as the fried eggs start to make noise you can season them before serving. To make them delicious, the chef recommends sprinkling them with a little vinegar or small pieces of butter.

Don’t they say that the simplest things are the best? To accompany these divinely cooked fried eggs, we stick to tasty and fast cooking. There is obviously the essential grilled bacon from the English breakfast, you can also treat yourself to a red cabbage salad, Vichy carrots, or roasted seasonal vegetables. At the moment, pumpkin, endive and Brussels sprouts are in the spotlight. For beautiful summer days, candied tomatoes, zucchini or eggplant will do the job perfectly!


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