O Netanyahu’s speech a few days ago was released on social media today, after the White House announced that there are some obstacles for the United States to continue supplying weapons to Israel after the invasion of the city of Rafah, located in the extreme south of the Strip. Gaza, where around 1.2 million people are concentrated (half the population of that Palestinian territory), displaced due to the Israeli military offensive against Hamas.

“I say to the leaders of the world that no pressure, no decision in any international forum will prevent Israel from defending itself (…). If Israel is forced to remain alone, Israel will remain alone”declared Netanyahu in the speech given on Holocaust Day, at a ceremony in Jerusalem.

“Countless decent people around the world support our just cause (…). We will defeat our genocidal enemies”said the Israeli Prime Minister.

Following the White House’s announcement, some Israeli officials, such as the representative to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, expressed their disappointment at the fact that this “gave hope” to “Israel’s enemies”.

In turn, the Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben Gvir, toughened his tone and even linked Biden with Hamas, which earned him a reprimand from the Israeli President, Isaac Herzog.

The Israeli Government is expected to meet today to discuss this alleged setback inflicted by the Biden Government, which a few days ago stated that the United States would always be on Israel’s side, despite differences.

On October 7 last year, Israel declared a war in the Gaza Strip to “eradicate” Hamas after it, hours earlier, carried out an attack of unprecedented proportions on Israeli territory, leaving 1,163 dead, most of them civilians.

Since 2007 in power in Gaza and classified as a terrorist organization by the United States, the European Union and Israel, Hamas has also taken 250 hostages, 128 of whom remain in captivity and at least 35 have died, according to the most recent report by Israeli authorities.

The war, which today entered its 216th day and continues to threaten to spread throughout the entire Middle East region, has so far left almost 35,000 people dead in the Gaza Strip, at least 78,404 injured and thousands of people missing, presumably buried in the rubble, most of them civilians, according to updated figures from local authorities.

The conflict has also caused nearly two million people to be displaced, plunging the overpopulated and poor Palestinian enclave into a serious humanitarian crisis, with more than 1.1 million people in a “situation of catastrophic hunger” that is claiming victims – “the highest number ever recorded” by the UN in studies on food security in the world.

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