Norwegian researchers arrived at a lake to search for a UFO that was seen 77 years ago. According to some versions, the object lies at the bottom of a large hole and measures 14 meters long by 3 meters wide.

According to information revealed by the RTBF Actus network, in 1947 the mayor of a town called Roros saw a strange object that fell near his home. From that moment on, the story became very popular, being passed down from generation to generation.
“It looked like a rocket and made a lot of noise. He turned 180 degrees and landed in the lake behind us“, they said at the time.

Photographer Rue Røstad took the task of reaching the site and taking images to begin the investigation: “We found an object that is located just below this hole. It measures 14 meters long and 3 meters wide.

The first images captured show what the photographer described in what has been called one of the largest operations in the search for UFOs in Norway.

This research has meant the deployment of different professionals. A film crew prepares a documentary that narrates the experience, divers explore the bottom of the lake and UFO enthusiasts arrive in the area to contribute their grain of sand.

“It’s really exciting. “This is one of the largest UFO search operations in Norwegian history,” said Arnulf Løken, a member of the Norwegian UFO Center.

Despite all efforts, the team of divers has not yet found any promising remains. The researchers assure that they are facing something unknown, but not something unknown that comes from space, but from something terrestrial. Despite all the hypotheses that are on the table, the situation remains a mystery.


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