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This summer, Nutella lovers will have a new reason to rejoice as the popular spread brand launches its first-ever ice cream. This indulgent creation promises to combine the rich, chocolatey flavor of Nutella with the refreshing coolness of ice cream. Here’s more information about it.

The new Nutella ice cream will be available in certain major stores, but quantities will be limited for the first few days. For those who want to be one of the first to taste this new product, it is therefore advisable to quickly go to the ice cream section of your favorite supermarket. In addition, it will also be available in certain hypermarkets and specialized stores, allowing consumers to enjoy this treat in the usual places where they do their shopping. His price ? €4.89, 470 ml jar.

Scheduled to go on sale in early June, the new Nutella ice cream will hit shelves just in time for the hot summer months. Although the exact date may vary depending on regions and points of sale, Nutella assures that this new creation will be available at the start of the summer season. Impatient consumers will be able to enjoy this new taste experience from the start of summer. We can’t wait to taste it!


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