“MDebate nights take place. Trust me, I know. But this election is still a choice between someone who has fought for ordinary people his entire life and someone who only cares about himself,” Obama wrote on Platform X, in a comparison between Biden and his Republican opponent, Donald Trump.

“Between someone who speaks the truth; who knows right from wrong and will tell it directly to the American people – and someone who blatantly lies for his own benefit. Last night didn’t change that, and that’s why there’s so much at stake in November”, he concluded.

Former US Secretary of State and former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton also showed her public support today for her party’s current candidate in the November elections.

“The choice in this election remains very simple. It’s a choice between someone who cares about you — your rights, your prospects, your future — versus someone who is just in this for themselves. I’m voting for Biden”, said the veteran politician, also on the X platform.

Biden’s bid for the November elections was weakened after he appeared with voice problems, incoherent answers and verbal lapses in his first face-to-face with Trump in four years, a performance that managed to overshadow the approximately 30 false claims – according to a CNN count – that his Republican rival presented in a calm and confident tone.

The issue of the candidates’ ages – especially Biden’s 81 years – has been in the spotlight in recent months, with the current head of state being a frequent target of mockery by his 78-year-old opponent.

Biden, who is the oldest sitting president in American history, had the challenge of demonstrating during the debate his physical and mental ability to defeat Trump and lead the country for another four years.

However, the task proved difficult, with Trump remaining restrained and unperturbed, but who resorted to false statements several times throughout the debate.

Today, during a campaign event in North Carolina, the US President admitted that he did not speak or debate “as well as before”, but claimed to be ready for another four years in office.

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