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Here are our 7 salad recipes made with rice to brighten up your meals and amaze your taste buds.

This salad is a meeting between fluffy rice and a myriad of colorful and spicy ingredients, inspired by the authentic flavors of Mexico. To be enjoyed as a main dish or as an accompaniment, this culinary creation harmoniously combines crunchy textures, bold aromas and attractive colors to make it easy to enjoy. Here is our recipe for mexican rice salad.

Traditional rice salad is a timeless culinary creation that evokes memories of family meals, summer picnics, and simple, satisfying delicacies. A true symbol of freshness, this salad combines cooked rice with a variety of colorful ingredients, such as crunchy vegetables, aromatic herbs and delicate proteins, all coated in a light vinaigrette. Versatile and adaptable, this salad is for everyone and can be personalized according to individual culinary preferences. Discover our recipe for traditional rice salad.

The rice salad with orange and surimi is a true ode to freshness and lightness, bringing an exotic touch to your summer meals. This salad combines fragrant rice with delicious pieces of surimi, juicy citrus fruits and a variety of crunchy vegetables. The harmonious marriage of these ingredients brings an explosion of flavors and textures that will delight your taste buds with every bite. Whether it’s for a quick lunch, an outdoor picnic or a refreshing dinner, the orange and surimi rice salad is a delicious option that will transport you to unexpected taste horizons. Let yourself be seduced by our recipe for orange and surimi rice salad.

The corn and chicken rice salad is a delicious combination of flavors and textures that embodies the perfect harmony between rustic and tender ingredients. Decorated with fresh vegetables, aromatic herbs and a light vinaigrette, it is perfect as a main course or as a side dish. Discover the magic of this comforting and tasty salad that will brighten up your meals with a touch of delicacy and pleasure. We share with you our recipe for corn and chicken rice salad.

The black rice salad with cucumber and green tomatoes is a real symphony of colors, freshness and flavors. Black rice, also known as venere rice, is a rare and exotic variety that brings a touch of elegance to this salad. Combined with crunchy cucumbers and tangy green tomatoes, this dish offers a refined and deliciously surprising taste experience. Accompanied by a light and aromatic vinaigrette, this salad turns into a balanced and nourishing dish, ideal for sunny lunches, outdoor picnics or light dinners. Let yourself be tempted by our recipe for black rice salad with cucumber and green tomatoes.

This salad is a harmony of fluffy rice and savory tuna, embellished with crunchy vegetables and fragrant herbs. This salad combines the exquisite taste of tuna with the freshness of vegetables to offer a taste experience that is light, satisfying and full of marine flavors. Easy to prepare and versatile, Tuna Rice Salad is an ideal choice for quick meals or lunches on the go. Whether on a picnic, at the beach or just at home, this salad is a refreshing option that is suitable for any time of the day. Discover our recipe for tuna rice salad.

This tasty salad combines soft grain rice with sheep’s cheese, enhanced with a palette of Mediterranean flavors. Fresh and balanced, this salad harmoniously combines fresh ingredients such as crunchy vegetables, fragrant herbs and a delicate vinaigrette. SAccording to your desires, add tuna or chicken or other proteins. Here is our recipe for sheep’s cheese rice salad.

Salads made with rice are a delicious option to enjoy balanced and nutritious meals while enjoying it. Their vibrant colors, varied textures, and tantalizing flavor make them a winning option for work lunches, picnics, or family dinners. So get started exploring these delicious and healthy salads, and stock up on freshness!


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