A crime occurred in Texas, United States, where a 32-year-old woman ended the life of her 3-year-old son and later took her own life. The incident occurred in a park in the San Antonio sector of the American city, one day before appearing in court, where he would discuss the custody of the minor with his ex-partner.

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According to the media TN, the Police arrived at the scene and the first investigations revealed chilling details: the mother, identified as Savannah Kriger, He recorded a video where the child is seen saying goodbye to his father. Then they found photos of the couple shot at, her ex-partner’s house vandalized, and threats through text messages and videos in which she said: “You won’t have anything at all at the end of the day.”

After the investigation, the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office managed to build a case where they tracked down Savannah. The woman left work and went to the child’s father’s home; there she destroyed the furniture and some belongings. She then went to her home where officers found her wedding dress and photos on the bed. “We believe she shot those portraits twice,” said Javier Salazar, one of the investigators in the case.

Before committing the crime, the woman wrote a letter: “You have no reason to return home, that’s not the case anymore. Say goodbye to your son”. But the letters were not the most disturbing thing they found, since from Kriger’s cell phone they recovered a video where the woman and the child could be seen sitting in a park, the same where they were later found dead. In the video, the mother asked her son to say goodbye to her father, seconds later she cut the recording.

The man, upon arriving at his house and seeing everything destroyed, alerted the authorities, who immediately began the search for the woman and the minor. After 19 long hours, the Police managed to find the whereabouts of the mother and son, but it was too late.. The case was classified as a “murder-suicide,” according to the Bexar County medical examiner’s office.

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