The President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, announced this Monday, April 29, that he will not resign from his position, after the period of reflection that has been taken in recent days, in the face of what he considered a campaign of harassment and demolition against him and against his wife.

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I have decided to continue, to continue with more strength if possible“he said in a message to the country from the Moncloa palace.

This concludes the uncertainty that arose on Wednesday, April 24, when Pedro Sánchez announced that he was giving himself a few days to consider his resignation, criticizing the “harassment and demolition” of his family by the right and the extreme right after the opening became known. of a judicial investigation of his wife, Begoña Gómez, for alleged “corruption.”

Assiduous of political coups, Sánchez canceled his public agenda until Monday, canceling his appearance at rallies during the first weekend of the campaign for the crucial regional elections on May 12 in Catalonia, where the socialists seek to remove from power the independentists.

We will show the world how democracy is defended, let’s put an end to this mud in the only possible waythrough serene and democratic collective rejection, beyond acronyms and ideologies, which I am committed to leading firmly as President of the Government of Spain,” he continued.

Regenerate democracy

The demonstrations in Madrid and other parts of Spain this weekend have “decisively influenced my reflection”said Sánchez, criticizing the “deliberate hoaxes” spewed by the opposition.

“I assume before you my commitment to work tirelessly, firmly and with serenity for the pending regeneration of our democracy,” added the socialist leader in his message, who had remained totally silent these days, without giving any clues about his decision.

Had Sánchez resigned, Spain would have headed towards new general elections, a year after last July.

The investigation against Sánchez’s wife, under summary secrecy, was opened by a complaint from the Manos Médicas association, close to the extreme right.

The Prosecutor’s Office asked that the lawsuit be archived and Manoslíneas admitted that it was based exclusively on press information.

According to the digital media El Confidencial, the court is investigating Begoña Gómez’s links with the Spanish tourism group Globalia, owner of the airline Air Europa, when the latter was in talks with the government for a rescue during the COVID-19 pandemic, which finally got.

“A teenager’s show”

In his letter to the public released on Wednesday, Pedro Sánchez, who governs with the extreme left and the support of Basque and Catalan nationalist and independence parties, repudiated the “complaints that are as scandalous as they are false,” which in his opinion emanate from a campaign carried out by “right-wing and ultra-right interests (…) that do not accept the verdict of the polls.”

It is a “strategy of harassment and demolition,” continued the president, whose measures, such as an amnesty law for independentists who participated in the attempted secession of Catalonia in 2017, have collided with frontal rejection from the right-wing opposition.

The conservative Popular Party, the first opposition party, has ridiculed Sánchez’s decision to consider his resignation and assures that it is pure political tactics to victimize himself and regroup his ranks.

A head of government “cannot put on a show as a teenager so that they come after him by telling him not to leave and not to get angry,” the leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, ironically said on Thursday.

The socialist “already represents the past” and “there will be no epic in the resignation, nor will there be heroism in the resistance” if he remains in power, Feijóo stated on Sunday, in a reference to Sánchez’s book “Manuel of Resistance.”

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