The president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, canceled at the last minute his participation in the Peace Summit in Ukraine, which is being held this weekend in Switzerland, alleging that this summit will extend the war.

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The setting of the Swiss forum is not a free forum to discuss the paths to peace between Russia and Ukraine. Your conclusions are already predetermined. Most of Latin America and the Government of Colombia we do not agree with extending the war“said the president on his X account from Sweden, where he is on an official visit.

The president added: “What we have found in relation to the peace conference, in quotes, in Switzerland, is that It is basically an allegiance to the side of war and we don’t agree with that.”

“I cancel my trip to the meeting in Switzerland and I ask Europe to debate the ways to shorten the war and not to extend it. Dialogue between Russia and Ukraine is fundamental,” she said.

The president, who will return to Colombia this Saturday, assured that Latin America wants “both the suspension of the genocide of the Palestinian people and to find the difficult paths to resolve the war between Ukraine and Russia.”

“We are willing to participate in conferences that freely dedicate themselves to searching for the paths of peace and not to building blocks for war. We are not with war, we are with peace,” Petro added.

During the conference in the Swiss town of Bürgenstock, the Colombian president was also scheduled to meet for the first time with his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky.

The interview with Zelensky was important because so far the Colombian president has avoided taking sides in favor of Ukraine and, unlike the war in Gaza, where he condemns Israel’s attacks almost daily, he has refrained from doing the same with Russia. .

Even at the People’s Summit held in July last year in the European Parliament, Petro said that he would not know whether to support Russia or the United States in international geopolitics because, in his opinion, they are “the same thing.”

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