This year, Michele Pascarella was voted best pizza maker of the year. For the occasion, NPR media decided to ask the pizza maestro about the recipe that divides so many people: pineapple pizza. But that’s not all, the cook also gave his advice for making your homemade pizza to perfection. Here’s what you shouldn’t miss!

If there’s one pizza that’s a crowd-pleaser, it’s pineapple pizza. Some people like the sweet/salty mix that the fruit brings to the preparation, but for many people, it’s sacrilege to incorporate pineapple on a pizza. An opinion shared by the best pizza maker of 2023 : “I don’t really like pineapples on pizza, sorry to all the pizza-pineapple fans”. The Italian chef still opted for a vague response without being too harsh, unlike other refractories who happen to be more virulent.

Regardless, to make a pizza according to the rules of the art, Michele Pascarella has shared his secrets.

His first advice is to always use fresh and seasonal products to get a good pizza: “This is very important, because when you use seasonal ingredients, you spend less and they taste better.”

Then there is nothing better than bet on an easy recipe with few ingredients : “For the best chefs, the best dish is the simplest.”

It is always better to make your own dough. For this, the pizza chef explains that “for 1 kilo of flour, it is better to use 700 grams of water”.

Finally, sorry about the pineapple pizza but the cook recommends forgetting the fruit in the pizza. No need to add sweet foods, tomato sauce already does the job very well.

So ready to make your homemade pizza for tonight?


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