“MMany politicians, particularly Republicans, have been waging war against our universities for years. They don’t like the fact that we teach our students to think a little more for themselves [porque] When they do, they usually come away with a different position than some of the conservative politicians would like them to have,” he said today in London.

However, the economist and professor in Columbia, New York, recalled during a Foreign Press Association event that much of the scientific research that led to advances in medicine and technology was done in universities.

“The President of the Chamber [dos Representantes, Mike] Johnson, went to the steps of Columbia University a few days ago and said that the president of the university should resign. It’s an interference with academic freedom, something we haven’t seen since the House Un-American Activities Committee hearings. [lideradas por] McCarthy in the 1950s,” he warned.

Stiglitz, who is in London promoting the book “The Road to Freedom: Economics and the Good Society”, emphasized that this is a topic addressed in the work.

“One of the important points I make in the book is that for our system to work, we need checks and balances in our system. And one of the checks and balances is academic freedom, independent universities, which look to what the government is to do and criticize it”, he stressed.

The pro-Palestinian demonstration that was taking place at Columbia University ended on Tuesday with the police storming an administrative building, which had been occupied by protesters, and making dozens of arrests.

In a statement, a Columbia spokesperson said New York City police entered the campus after the higher education institution requested help.

Police have entered other campuses across the United States in the past two weeks, leading to clashes and more than 1,000 arrests.

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2552626/policia-em-protestos-nos-eua-levanta-a-questao-da-liberdade-academica

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