Some police officers from Córdoba, Argentina, were dismayed. when they found a one-year-old baby crawling alone at four in the morning. Fortunately, the little one was delivered safely to his mother.

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As revealed by the media Todo Noticias (TN), the police were carrying out preventive work when they came across the minor who was in the middle of an alley. He was surprised that next to the child was a dog.

At that moment, the uniformed officers got out of the patrol car and took the baby. Later they sheltered him and thanks to the collaboration of the neighbors they managed to find the child’s mother, a 24-year-old girl.

Ariel Britos, deputy commissioner of the Police, told that media outlet that it was a “happy ending“, because the baby had crawled about 70 meters after sneaking out of his house. The little boy was left a few centimeters from a busy avenue.

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After interviewing the mother, Britos stated that she said that “She was sleeping wrapped up with the child and that he slid, crawled and that the dog that was accompanying him managed to open the door of the house. She hadn’t realized, she was amazed”.

“Is naughty”

To the same Argentine media, the baby’s parents gave statements about how a situation occurred that is quite difficult to believe.

He was with me at 1:30 in the morning. I had him in my arms and that’s how we fell asleep. He is naughty, he is one year and 4 months old, at that age they start experimenting. Imagine falling asleep like this and then not seeing it”, assured Ismael, the child’s father.

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