A police officer who tried to catch a fleeing cow by ramming it with his patrol car in southern England has been punished, authorities announced.

The incident occurred on Friday night, June 14, after Surrey Police, south of London, received a call following the sighting of a cow in a residential area of ​​the small town of Staines-upon-Thames.

In the images, which circulated on social networks and British media, A police car appears hitting the animal twice, which ended up with its head and upper body trapped under the vehicle.

Warning, images can be shocking.

The scene provoked a wave of criticism against the Police and the Minister of the Interior, James Cleverly, reacted in X.

I see no reasonable need for such action. “I have asked for urgent and complete explanations,” she declared.

After what happened, the Police announced that they had referred the case to the body that supervises the actions of said security body and that they had “removed the agent in question from the field” pending the conclusion of the investigation.

“I am fully aware of the disarray caused by our handling of this incident and will ensure that it is investigated thoroughly and seriously,” Nev Kemp, deputy chief constable of Surrey Police, said in a statement.

On Saturday, the Police explained that, after several unsuccessful attempts to capture the cow and taking into account “public safety”, “the decision was made to stop it using a car.”

The ten-month-old cow, named Beau Lucy, suffered a leg injury and was examined by a veterinarian. The owner told the PA agency that “she is better.”

Source: https://www.noticiascaracol.com/mundo/policia-arrollo-a-una-vaca-que-se-habia-fugado-su-accion-causo-indignacion-cb20

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