A police officer from Florida, United States, starred in the dramatic rescue of a barely 6-month-old baby. She was caught in the middle of a traffic accident.

The car in which the minor was traveling with her mother was hit by a motorcycle that He was going more than 160 kilometers per hour. The entire distressing episode was recorded by the body camera of the uniformed man, identified as Dave Musgrove.

In the recording you can see a type of explosion and a cloud of smoke. The driver of the motorcycle had collided with the car in which a young mother and her two young daughters were traveling.

When you open the back door, The police find the three-year-old girl and take her out of her seat, while the mother cries out inconsolably for help for her 6-month-old little girl.

The police officer goes out with the three-year-old girl and asks a passerby for help to take care of her. She immediately returned to the vehicle to help the baby.

The little girl was under the lifeless body of the motorcyclist, who, due to the force of the impact, ended up stuck through the window.

Seeing that the baby had no pulse and was not breathing, the uniformed officer began to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation, while the young mother, full of anguish, tried to contain the pain of seeing her daughter practically dead.

After several seconds of chest compressions, the baby finally inhaled and at that moment the emergency medical services arrived.

Officer Dave Musgrove said he did what any of his colleagues would have done in his position. However, for the young mother, He will always be the hero “that God gave me” to save his daughter.

“I still don’t consider myself that way; I just did my job and that’s what we get paid for. “Anyone who received the training we had would have done the same.”said the uniformed man.

Currently, the three victims of the accident are recovering from the physical and emotional wounds left by the accident.

Source: https://www.noticiascaracol.com/mundo/un-policia-le-salvo-la-vida-a-una-bebe-de-6-meses-luego-de-un-accidente-rg10

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