Pope Francis asked young people to “leave the cell phone” and “find people” so as not to become “compulsive typing professionals.” during an event with them in the Italian city of Venice (north).

“I tell them, do not isolate yourself, look for others, experience God together, follow group paths without getting tired. You will be able to say: ‘But around me everyone is on their phones, glued to social networks and video games'” , explained the pontiff.
But he encouraged: “Go without fear against the current: take life in your hands, put it at stake, turn off the television and open the Gospel, this is too much, eh?. Leave your cell phone and meet people.”

The Pope held this meeting with the young Venetians at the doors of the Basilica of Santa María de La Salud, where he arrived by motorboat after visiting the Giudecca women’s prison on this trip to Venice of just five hours.

He explained to the young people that the telephone “is very useful for communicating,” but asked to be careful when “it prevents them from finding people.”

“Use the phone, okay, but find the people. Know what a hug, a kiss, a handshake, people are. Don’t forget that, use the phone, but find the people,” he recommended.

Because, he maintained, “life demands to be donated, not managed, leaving the hypnotic world of video games that – he said – anesthetizes the soul.”

“Boys, do not be compulsive typing professionals but rather creators of novelty,” Pope Francis pointed out.

Source: https://www.noticiascaracol.com/mundo/papa-francisco-recomendo-a-los-jovenes-que-dejen-el-telefono-y-encuentren-a-la-gente-cb20

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