A delegation of 70 police officers, led by Colonel Jhon Fredy Suárez, commander of the Córdoba Police Department, met on Friday, April 19, 2024, with the Pope Francis in St. Peter’s Square, in the Vatican.

The pontiff approached in a wheelchair to where the Colombian delegation was and, immediately, with smiles, he asked the uniformed men: “Where is the coffee? To talk about Colombia you have to talk about coffee.” At the request of Pope Francis, Colonel Suárez immediately gave him a gift package with one of the most representative coffees of the South American nation.

Posteriorly, Colonel Suárez asked the pontiff to give him a blessing that would be extended to all police officers in Colombia. Pope Francis made the sign of the cross in the air and he took the opportunity to say that he keeps with him a very special photo from the visit he made to Colombia in 2017.

In my studio I have the photo with one of you who had lost a leg. At the military airport, before taking the plane to go to Cali, he greeted me and gave me his cap. I have his cap, the photo, in a box, and I pray for him every day. “He contacted me too,” Pope Francis said.

For now, the identity of the uniformed man of whom the Supreme Pontiff spoke is unknown.

Before ending the meeting, which lasted a few minutes, Colonel Suárez gave his cap to the pontiff and also gave him a shield from the National Police, to which Pope Francis responded with a “Thank you very much” and a new smile.

Source: https://www.noticiascaracol.com/mundo/papa-francisco-revela-que-guarda-foto-de-un-policia-colombiano-por-el-que-ora-todos-los-dias-rg10

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