VSeveral police officers and a priest died this Sunday after two shootings in cities in Dagestan, Russia.

According to international publications, the situations took place in the cities of Makhachkala and Derbent.

The number of fatalities varies depending on the sources of information, with the Spanish agency EFE reporting three deaths and 16 injured, while the France-Presse agency reports that six police officers and a priest died.

Sources from the Ministry of the Interior of Dagestan, a Russian republic, also said, cited by the RIA Novosti agency, that two of the shooters had been killed in the operation.

“At around 6 pm Derbent, unknown citizens shot at a synagogue and a church with automatic weapons,” reported the regional department of the Ministry of the Interior, cited by EFE.

According to CNN International, the situation appears to be a coordinated attack. Official sources said that the priest, who was very ill and 66 years old, was beheaded. Other priests would have locked themselves inside the building.

Images shared on social media show the synagogue and church engulfed in flames.

After the attack in Derbent, there was an exchange of fire near a transit point in Makhachkala, around 127 kilometers from the first city.

In Derbent, the attackers fled in a car, while in Makhachkala police and attackers exchanged fire.

The investigative directorate of the Investigative Committee of Dagestan initiated criminal cases for terrorist attacks in connection with the attacks in both cities of this Russian republic.

The attacks on the churches were carried out on the same day that the Russian Orthodox celebrate Pentecost.

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