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Neutre brand frozen chicken thighs, sold in packages of 10 kg (CP 76977) and in packages of 10 bags of 1 kg (CP 128347). These products were marketed from 03/27/2024 to 03/26/2026. They bear the FR 56.081.001 CE health mark. The internal batches affected are 408504 and P086/24/07. Products can be identified by GTIN 3700158701480 and 3701004805086, with minimum durability dates of 03/25/2026 and 03/26/2026.

These products were sold throughout France by the distributors Système U and JYCO.

The presence of veterinary drug residues in these products may pose a risk to the health of consumers. These residues may result from treatments administered to animals during their breeding and should not be found in finished products.

If you have purchased one of these products, do not consume or use it. You can return it to your point of sale for a refund or exchange. If you have any questions, you can contact the following number: 0297341848.


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