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Watermelons are fruits very appreciated for their freshness and their sweet taste, especially when the sunny days arrive. However, if you recently purchased a watermelon in bulk from LIDL, be careful. A product recall has been issued for these fruits, due to pesticide contamination.

Watermelons sold in bulk at LIDL between 05/11/2024 and 05/17/2024 are affected by this recall. The fruits concerned bear lot number L19-03.

To find out the list of LIDL supermarkets affected by this recall, you can consult the document “2024-04-04_Liste-Mag_Pastèque.pdf” available on the consumption recall website.

Flonicamide is a pesticide used to control aphids. However, its presence in too large quantities in food can be dangerous for health. Indeed, exceeding the authorized limits of pesticides can lead to health problems, including neurological disorders and fertility problems.

If you purchased a watermelon affected by this recall, stop eating it immediately and do not use it again. It is recommended to return the fruit to the point of sale to receive a refund.

If you have any questions or doubts, you can contact the number provided by the distributor: 0800900343.

It is essential to check the products you buy to avoid any health risks. Product recalls are necessary to ensure consumer safety. Do not hesitate to regularly consult product recall sites to stay informed of the latest alerts.


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