A New York medical school to eliminate tuition after receiving $1 billion ‘transformative gift’ from teacherthe parent organization of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine said in a statement.

The charitable donation is one of the largest acts of philanthropy ever publicly received by an educational institution in the United States and will make the undiscounted annual tuition of nearly $60,000 zero for students.

“The Albert Einstein College of Medicine has received a transformative gift from Ruth L. Gottesman, Ed.D., chair of the board of directors at Einstein and member of the board of directors of the Montefiore Health System.”the organization said in a statement on Monday evening, February 26, 2024.

The school and its affiliated hospital, Montefiore Medical Center, are located in the Bronx, the poorest borough of New York City, where health figures are some of the worst in the eastern US state, according to official statistics.

Gottesman, 93, She was a clinical professor of pediatrics at Einstein and wife of David Gottesman, a former Wall Street financier. They were important donors to the educational center throughout his life.

A clip of the announcement made on campus by those responsible for Albert Einstein, posted on social media, showed the moment when the student audience reacted enthusiastically to the news, cheering, shouting and applauding.

Source: https://www.noticiascaracol.com/mundo/profesora-dono-mil-millones-de-dolares-a-facultad-de-medicina-de-escuela-albert-einstein-rg10

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